The Vineyard

Conveying a unique sense of place.

Shiraz and Riesling cuttings were sourced from the Pikes A10 and C2 blocks at Polish Hill River in 1995 and planted out in 1996 on some gently sloping, East facing land at White Hut tucked in behind the hills that overlook Stanley Flat.

Subsequent smaller plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec followed the initial vineyard development.

After a couple of early vintages from the very young vines, it soon became quite evident that the soils and aspect of the vineyard were ideally suited to the growing of extremely low vigour / low yielding vines, delivering fruit packed with concentrated flavor and firm textures.

Over the first 10 years the crop level has averaged a tiny 1.9 tonnes/acre.

This vineyard is always one of the earliest ripening Shiraz and Riesling vineyards in the Clare region and mystifyingly produces fruit with a pH/acid analysis that are usually exemplary. There is no issue in achieving full fruit maturity.

A strong focus on sustainability.

Vigneron Grant Arnold’s aim is to run the Gaelic Cemetery Vineyard as sustainably as possible.

Minimal use of water for irrigation, under vine mulching to reduce moisture loss, mid row cover cropping to encourage microbial activity in the soils and using only organic based fungicides/pesticides are just some of the measures undertaken and all part of the mantra in the vineyard.

The Gaelic Cemetery wines themselves are packaged using fully recyclable materials including the bottles, corks, screwcaps and cartons that are used.